Need Help Finding Honest Mechanic and Auto Repair Shops

Finding an honest mechanic that does good work and is good for your wallet

You are like me and did the Google thing “car mechanic near me” with concerns of what you will find.  You are looking through dozens of online review and looking for a well-reviewed auto mechanic. Finding an honest mechanic is one of life’s great difficulties — and one most of us will have to undertake at least one point or another.

There being so many auto repair shops in your area, it makes it hard to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. When the majority of your customers don’t know the difference between a piston and a rod, it’s easy to put things over on them.  This is where you hope honesty will take over to make everyone happy.

It’s also just as likely that your mechanic isn’t trying to actively rip you off.   The vehicles today are so advanced in technology, they are going to have things break and go wrong with them.  They have the tools and training that you hope they would have to keep your car running and safe for your family.  Not every time a shop is going to take you for a ride with a high priced repair.

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